Q?Are you Insured?

Yes, Lee Norris Design are covered by £500,000 professional indemnity and £1,000,000 public liability insurance.

A copy of our insurance certificate can be provided upon request.

Q?Why choose Lee Norris Design?

We add value to your property through excellence in design, helping you to achieve your goals to their full potential. Extensions designed with expertise and creativity maximize not only your enjoyment of the property but also your future re-sale value.

Through our experience and expertise we can make your dreams a reality and release the potential of your property whilst also ensuring that your home sits harmoniously within its surroundings.

We will guide you through every step of the process from conception to completion with a package tailored to meet your individual requirements and budget.

Q?What will happen in my initial consultation?

The initial consultation at your property takes approximately 20 minutes. During this initial visit we will discuss the following:

– Feasibility of your initial ideas

– Initial advice on the likely cost of your project

– Implications of planning and building regulations

– Advice on other specialist services (e.g structural engineer, tree surveys etc)

– Advice on timescales for design and construction

– An assessment of required consents (e.g Listed building consent, Party wall act 1996 etc)

Contact us for further information or to arrange an initial consultation at your property.

Q?How much will it cost?

Lee Norris Design offer a free initial consultation. Following this we will provide you with a no-obligation written quotation with a break down of proposed fees for each step of the planning and building process. Advice will also be given on likely third party costs which may be incurred throughout the process to enable you to budget correctly for your project.

Planning application fees are payable to the relevant local authority. As an indication, a typical fee for a house extension is £172.00. The fee for a Lawful Development Certificate is typically £86.00.

Building Control fees are dependent on the individual project and are payable to the relevant local authority. We can advise you of the relevant fee once the design has been completed.

Contact us for further information or to arrange an initial consultation at your property.

Q?What happens once we appoint Lee Norris Design?

Following your appointment we will visit the property and undertake a detailed measured survey.

From these measurements we will produce CAD plans of the existing property. We will then produce design proposals in consultation with you, including unlimited alterations to ensure that we meet your requirements.

Once happy with the design Lee Norris Design will complete all of the relevant paperwork and submit the application on your behalf. We will act as your agent and will chase through the progress of your application through to determination.

After planning permission has been granted your extension or new home will require building control approval from your local authority (or other recognised building control body). This involves adding further detail to the drawings to produce a comprehensive set of detailed drawings including information such as foundation depths, timber joist sizes, steel sizes, insulation specifications and drainage etc.

We will then submit the building regulations application on your behalf. At this point we can then send out the package of drawings to contractors for pricing. We have many local builders with whom we have worked previously and are happy to recommend.

Once the contractor is chosen and work has started we will visit periodically (as requested by the client, contractor or building control) to ensure the smooth running of your project.


Q?How long does it take?

Once appointed we will endeavor to undertake the measured survey within 5 working days. Following this initial design drawings will be available within 2-3 weeks.

Once you are happy with the design and it is submitted for planning it will be checked by the local authority to ensure that it is complete and all of the required information is correct. A letter of acknowledgement will then be sent (usually within 10 working days), and the application will be registered. From this point the local authority has up to 8 weeks to make a decision on your application.

Once your planning permission has been granted we will agree on a timescale to produce the working drawing package for submission to building control. Following this submission the local authority will usually take 3-4 weeks before issuing an approval.

Your chosen contractor will be able to advise on the length of time to complete your building work.


Q?How long does my planning permission last?

There are several types of planning permission.  When planning permission is granted a condition is normally attached advising the applicant how long the planning permission is valid for.

Planning permissions normally last 3 years..

Outline applications normally last 3 years with development taking place within 2 years of the approval of the final reserved matter.

Submission of the reserved matters must be submitted within 2 years of the date of the approval of the outline.

New Housing and Commercial development are usually valid for a maximum of 5 years. 

Q?I already have planning permission, can you do my building control application?

Yes, we can tailor our service to your requirements.

Contact us to discuss your individual requirements.

Q?How are drawings issued?

Where possible drawings will be issued in PDF format via e-mail. This enables us to speed up the process of agreeing the final design for submission. If requested hard copies of the drawings can be provided, for planning drawings these will usually be at a scale of 1:100 on A3 sheets.

Building regulations drawings are usually at a scale of 1:50 on A1 sheets. These will initially be issued in PDF format via e-mail. Hard copies of the drawings will then be provided to the client and chosen contractors for pricing and a further copy will be provided should any amendments be required.

All submissions to the local authority will be made using hard copies of the drawings.